The brainchild of three enthusiastic, resourceful and imaginative entrepreneurs. Cloudtric was incorporated in 2018, headquartered in beautiful Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. It’s founders, with many years of combined experience in both the accounting and information technology (IT) fields, saw a unique niche for elegant and simple software applications for the accounting industry. Software applications that could be utilized by bookkeepers, accountants, business owners, and freelancers; For businesses and organizations ranging in size from home offices to multi-national conglomerates. Software applications that operate in the cloud which can be accessed from anywhere in the world so long as there is internet access available.

Cloudtric’s methodology is all about keeping it simple; applications for their sole intended purpose, while leaving out all the confusing add-ons and extras that “junk up” so many other software packages. These applications excel at what they’re designed to do, and they do it effectively and accurately.

Elegantly simple applications; simply outstanding workability. Software born under the brilliant northern lights of Canada, but ready to go to work for you, wherever you are in the world.


Cloud applications that do what they're designed to do... without all the extra junk


Our flagship fixed asset management solution designed to scale for anything from a small home based business to large corporations or accounting firms. Built from the ground up to address many of the issues with existing fixed asset solutions on the market. With multiple location capability, the most advanced searchability, and the fastest reporting of any similar software in existence you'll be throwing that Excel template away and wondering why you didn't switch sooner.


3 local entrepreneurs that put their heads together to create some awesomeness

Garnet McBurney
Chief Executive Officer
‘G’ is the numbers guy. Having spent nearly 30 years in the accounting industry and owning his own bookkeeping/consulting practice for the past 11 years, Garnet is the one who initially saw a need for something different to manage clients’ fixed assets and depreciation. The initial idea began as a working Microsoft Excel template (just to see if he could do it), and then at the ‘gentle urging’ of his colleague Ginger, assisted Brad and Ginger to carry the idea over to a cloud-based format. The result is faManager, and has now set a new standard for elegance, simplicity and detail in fixed asset management.
Ginger Fleury-Hunter
Chief Marketing Officer
Ginger brings the ‘tough love’ to the group and was the catalyst that spurred faManager into more than just an idea (if this sounds like a diplomatic way of saying she kicked a couple of cans to get people moving on an idea, you’ve nailed it!). Working in a controllership role and working daily with clients to overcome their challenges to keep their recordkeeping accurate and up-to-date, she very quickly saw a gap in the software industry for a better fixed asset management software. She’s the idea person, and if she gets an idea for something the software needs, she doesn’t stop until it’s been added!
Bradley Adams
Chief Technology Officer
Okay, Brad is the programmer, but that’s not all he does. Brad’s technical skills began in the IT world setting up home and business systems and networks, but even before all that he had learned to love code. In addition to 12 years in the IT industry and owning his own IT company, Brad has also worked as a bookkeeper for a bookkeeping and consulting firm, which gives him insights into what’s missing in certain software packages and applications. You’d think him to be quiet and unassuming, but we don’t call him ‘Bad Brad’ for nothing!